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Whether you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, or even just plain old muscular tightness and tension, Ricketts Chiropractic is here to provide you with treatment options.

Specialized treatment plans for whiplash, auto accidents, lumbar and cervical disc issues, and spine arthritis.

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  Bob Gatena
  Dr. Robert Ricketts;
  Thank you for getting me back to doing the things I love to do!




Eileen Atchison
 I have been a patient of Dr. Ricketts for many years because he has kept me able to move and do things I would not have been able to do without him.  He fixed several herniated discs with the decompression machine.  Dr. Ricketts and his staff are always happy and cheerful.  


Todd Christ
Dr. Ricketts and the staff are very helpful.  Dr. Ricketts isn’t the type to have a patient keep coming back if it isn’t needed.  I wouldn’t want to go to anyone else.


Carolyn Dawson              
Dr. Ricketts and his staff truly care about the patients.  I have been treated by Dr. Ricketts for years and would not consider seeing anyone else.  It makes no difference how I hurt or what I have done to feel that way; after my adjustment I always feel better and once again ready to meet all my challenges!


John Del Degan
Dr. Ricketts has significantly improved the overall physical quality of life for everyone in our family.  We are regular clients and refer our friends and coworkers.  The Ricketts Chiropractic Clinic’s location, atmosphere and staff are convenient, calming and friendly, respectively!


Erin Donavon
Dr. Ricketts is very professional and explains what he is doing very well.  The clinic is always clean and the staff very professional.


Allan J. Dzaboff
Dr. Ricketts and his staff have been awesome since I have been coming for the last 5 years.   My back pain has been severe, but every time I leave I feel great.


Alicia Funk
When I first came to Dr. Ricketts my back health was horrible but after seeing him and getting ultrasound treatments I saw 100% improvement.  He is a very nice person who genuinely cares about his patients.    



Sarah Hilby
Dr. Ricketts always takes the time to listen to my health issues then effectively treats me in the office as well as giving me home exercises  =  excellent continuity of care!!   Everyone is always very welcoming, professional and helpful!


Edna Heiar
Dr. Ricketts has helped me be more aware of not slouching, keeping better posture and keeping my shoulders back.  Everyone here is so professional and friendly.  I have referred patients numerous times.


Andrea Huston
When I got in my car accident he was the only one who wanted to help me and he didn’t care about the insurance issues.  He did a great job and even came in on his days off to make sure I was not in pain.  Dr. Ricketts and staff are very friendly and you know you will be taken care of here.


Jane Jentz
Been coming here for over 8 years and believe the adjustments and treatments have helped a lot.  Very satisfied with treatments.  Friendly and nice office.


Helen Kemp
Thanks from the bottom of my heart.  I can actually live without powerful drugs.  I think this is the best chiropractic clinic in the tri-states.


Kelly Laugesen
Dr. Ricketts is a wonderful chiropractor who improves my health every time I visit.  The clinic is great- warm and inviting.


Doris Laughlin
Having back problems for so many years (muscle spasms) and being in a car accident, I tried many chiropractors.  I did not get any ‘length of time’ relief until I found Dr. Ricketts.  He is caring and intent on getting to the root of the problem.  I am 76 years old and feel the best with my back that I’ve felt in years.  Both Dr. Ricketts and his staff are very professional and caring.


Glenda Meyer
The clinic is always very clean and the staff very friendly and helpful.


Denise Parsons
I love when Dr. Ricketts adjusts me!  I feel so much better, I could dance!  His staff is wonderful;  always friendly and helpful!


Alan Reisen
Dr. Ricketts and the staff are very friendly.  I have trouble getting in chairs and they all help me.   I think Dr. Ricketts is doing a good job of making me feel better.


Kim Schwartz
I believe in Dr. Rob Ricketts.  If you give him a change I think you will too.  The office staff are very nice people;  always smiling and friendly.  They always get me in right away.  Dr. Ricketts will refer you elsewhere if he knows he can’t help you.


Virginia Stoffel
I would be in a lot of pain if not for Dr. Ricketts.  Dr. Ricketts and staff are very pleasant people and make you welcome.


Jeffrey Stoll
My experience with Dr. Ricketts at Ricketts Chiropractic has been absolutely superb.  He was able to diagnose my pain and provide a proper adjustment to alleviate any pain in my back, hip, knee and no more sore feet at work.  I love the clinic and Dr. Ricketts because they are so much more than relief of pain, but a holistic approach to health and wellness.   Dr. Ricketts is good!


Paul Welbes
Afterhaving numerous back problems over the years, I’ve had nothing but good results from Dr. Ricketts’ treatments.  I’m on a six week schedule which really helps.


Kallie Welter
The clinic is amazing all around.  Dr. Ricketts and all of the staff are very friendly and caring.  I love coming in!  /Dr. Ricketts helped me with chronic low back pain that I’ve had for about three years.  He also helped me with chronic headaches that I’ve been getting for about 4 years.  I name drop Dr. Ricketts and let friends, family and strangers know how amazing he is and how much he’s helped me.


Linda Wiederholt
I have been going to Dr. Ricketts for years and I believe he has kept me walking with no pain in my back and neck.  The clinic and Dr. are very professional, kind, courteous and comfortable.  /I would refer him to others and family and I have. I love the professionalism of Dr. Ricketts and staff.  Dr. never does anything without first telling me what he is doing.  I feel so comfortable going to the office and dealing with Dr. and his staff.